International Students

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International Students' Office

The top eight student questions

1) What is the requirements to access ?

You need to have the ILETS or PTEA qualification and the minimum allowed scores are IEDLTS 6.0 and PTEA 5.1

2) If i have the califications they help me?

Yes, it does.we give you an official letter to help you

3)The basics courses have duration on one year?

No, it doesn't. We have short one-month courses, but we don't have one-yera foundation courses.

4)You have courses of adaption to city?

Yes, it does. These are avaliable for all foreign students. We also have study skills classes.

5)Can i present the IELTS or PTEA exams? and in what date ?

Yes, there are. The exams are in june every year.

6)Students have the benefic to live in any hotel  free?

No, They don`t. Students live in the halls of residence on campus and in private flats off campus.

7)The students in yours flats have kitchen?

Yes, they do. The kitchens have everiting you need. Ten people share each kitchen.

8)Help they a students to search job?

Yes, They do. Students work in cafes, bars and shops.